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All tours are private tours and can be designed and customized to meet your needs. Parts of one tour can be combined with another tour and Halifax Airport Pickup is possible. For any questions concerning pickup at the airport, they can be directed to aircab@hotmail.ca – If you want to book a Day Excursion or Sunset / Moon Light Tour please let us know in advance.


Peggy’s Cove Sunset / Moon Light Tours

This drive is a minimum of 3 hours. Halifax Tour Guys will pick you up at the address of your choosing in Halifax and you will be driven to Peggy’s Cove to watch the sun set and the moon rise from the rocks. Afterwards you will be driven back to Halifax. The cost includes one vehicle and driver on a per hour basis which is listed below depending on the number of people and vehicle chosen.

In addition to the drive mentioned above, you can add dinner reservations at rhubarb Restaurant or the The Finer Diner in Hacketts Cove. Reservations can be made if you choose for a boat ride from Peggy’s Cove around parts of St Margaret’s Bay, where you can watch the sun set and moon rise while enjoying fresh lobster on board. The cost of food and/or the boat ride is not included in our price structure, and is the responsibility of those, Halifax Tour Guys have made the reservations for.

Halifax Tour Guys will pick you up at any address in Halifax, and depending on the time of year, either take you to Peggy’s Cove to watch the sun set and moon rise before your dinning reservations, or your dinning reservations before Peggy’s Cove. Your driver will wait for you and when you are ready, drive you back to Halifax. For this drive with one of the reservations listed above, 4-5 hours or more should be planned on. The cost includes one vehicle and driver on a per hour basis which is listed below depending on the number of people and vehicle chosen.


The Finer Diner in Hacketts Cove

The Finer Diner in Hacketts Cove

Rhubarbs Restaurant Peggys Cove

Rhubarbs Restaurant Peggys Cove

Peggy's Cove Boat Tours

Rhubarbs Restaurant Peggys Cove


Peggy's Cove Sunset Moonlight Drive

Peggy’s Cove Sunset Moonlight Drive Price

$55 Per hour per hour (6 Passenger Van + Driver) – Best Value!

$60 Per hour per hour (3 Passenger Sedan + Driver)

$75 Per hour per hour (7 Passenger SUV + Driver)

$95 Per hour per hour (8 Passenger Stretch Limo + Driver)


8 passenger stretch limo lincoln

8 passenger stretch limo Lincoln

7 Passenger Ford Expedition

7 Passenger Ford Expedition

6 passenger van dodge caravan

6 passenger van Dodge Caravan

3 passenger sedan chrysler 300

3 passenger sedan Chrysler 300


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Tour #1 – Halifax Historic City Tour

Halifax Historic Tour

This four hour Halifax Historic City Tour can be customized to your personal preferences. This tour will begin with Pier 21, which was the gateway to Canada for more than one million immigrants between 1928 and 1971. Pier 21 is referred to as the “Ellis Island of Canada” is The National Museum of Immigration, and may have the history of your family if they entered Canada through Halifax.

This row of docks are known as the Cunard Piers, named for Samuel Cunard who is the Father of Passenger Cruise Ship Travel. Cunard Lines have been the pioneering brand of ocean travel since 1840 when the Britannia began the first scheduled transatlantic crossing between Southampton, England, and New York City, USA.

Statue of Edward Cornwallis, founder of Halifax in 1749, Governor and Captain General of Nova Scotia ‎1749-1752.
The small sculpture in the corner of Cornwallis Park, is called” Vytaiemo” and is the Traditional Ukrainian greeting of welcome. It is a memorial to the Centenary Celebration of the first Ukrainian immigrants who landed in Canada, looking for a new life in 1891 and 1892.

The Nova Scotia Heritage Property Act authorizes the Municipality’s to establish a registry of buildings, street-scapes, sites, conservation areas and conservation districts of municipal significance by the adoption of a heritage by-law, Driving down Young Street to Point Pleasant Park you will pass the Wright house, Oland’s Castle and many historic homes.

The Point Pleasant Park Gates is the opening of a 180 acre park that was once the home of seven forts that were use until the Second World War for the defense of the Halifax Harbor (1749-1948) the business of Halifax from 1749 to 1948 was war. The Harbor Look off is a chance to view Halifax Harbor looking seaward. At the entrance to the Harbor during the World Wars, you can see where submarine nets were stretched across our harbor entrance. Black Rock Beech is where the English displayed the bodies of convicted Pirates.

From its birth, Halifax’s economic prosperity rose and fell with the wars that the British were involved in. From wars with France, the Seven Years War, American Revolution, Napoleonic Wars, War of 1812 to involvement in the American Civil War and in the two World Wars. Today Halifax still remains a military hub with Canada’s Atlantic Fleet based at the dock yard, including its submarines and Helicopters base at Shearwater.

Halifax Public Gardens

One of the finest surviving examples of Victorian Gardens in North America. Started in 1837 on four acres of common land, which was expanded to its sixteen acre size in 1866 and saw the addition of a bandstand, fountains, statues and wrought iron gates. The bedding out of annuals in highly designed carpet beds ‎was established, Griffin’s Pond was redesigned and water fowl was introduced.

Halifax Citadel (National Historic Site)

The first fort was built in 1749 when the city was founded, was part of the western perimeter wall for the town which was protected by a total of five stockaded forts.‎ The current stone built, star-shaped fortress was completed in 1856, following twenty-eight years of construction. Today you can explore the fortress and see the hourly changing of the guards and the noon firing of the cannon.

Halifax Explosion

On December 6,1917 at 9:04:35am, the SS Mont-Blanc, a French cargo ship‎ fully loaded with wartime munitions collided with the Norwegian Relief Vessel, SS Imo. Sparks from the collision started a fire that resulted in the largest man made explosion in the history of the world before the atomic bomb. All buildings and structures covering nearly 500 acres were obliterated, about 2,000 people were killed and 9,000 people were injured.

Horse Shoe Island

From this site you can see Halifax’s Northwest Arm, a body of salt water that stretches from the Armdale Rotary to the Atlantic Ocean. You can see the Armdale Yacht Club on Melville Island and the stone building that was once part of a prison for American sailors during the War of 1812. The Memorial Tower can also be seen from here as well as the Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron established in July 1837.

Sinking of the RMS Titanic

The White Star ‎luxury liner, RMS Titanic, the largest ship afloat at the time, sank in the North Atlantic on April 15,1912 at 2:20am after colliding with an Iceberg about 375 miles southwest of Newfoundland. On her maiden voyage from Southampton, England to New York City, USA, carrying 2,224 people of which only 710 people survived. There are 121 victims of the disaster buried in three grave sites in Halifax.

Visit the Maritime Museum to see Titanic artifacts as well as ‎other items from our long seafaring history, or our military museum with its hundreds of years of battle ships starting from 1749 to modern day. Enjoy a wonderful meal in our many restaurants, stroll our boardwalk along the waterfront and see Historic buildings, shops, and architecture.

The Unknown Child (Titanic Site – Halifax Nova Scotia)

Baby Goodwin Unknown Child Titanic Site Halifax Nova Scotia

The Titanic Unknow Child Halifax Nova ScotiaMr Goodwin From New Zealand visits Titanic Site

The photograph (photo-left) of the baby Sidney Leslie Goodwin, is now believed to be the Titanic’s unknown child. Photo Credit: Photo copyright by Carol Goodwin, used by permission.

The center photo shows the final resting place of the Unknown Child at the Fairview Lawn Cemetery in the North End of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Over one hundred victims of the sinking of the RMS Titanic are buried here.

Mr. Goodwin (photo-right) is the last living relative of the Unknown Child at the Titanic Site. Through DNA testing a match was found. Mr. Goodwin on the left traveled from New Zealand to visit.

Five days after the passenger ship Titanic sank, the crew of the rescue ship Mackay-Bennett pulled the body of a fair-haired, roughly 2-year-old boy out of the Atlantic Ocean on April 21, 1912. Along with many other victims, his body went to a cemetery in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where the crew of the Mackay-Bennett had a headstone dedicated to the “unknown child” placed over his grave.

When it sank, the Titanic took the lives of 1,497 of the 2,209 people aboard with it. Some bodies were recovered, but names remained elusive, while others are still missing. But researchers believe that they have finally resolved the identity of the unknown child, concluding that he was 19-month-old Sidney Leslie Goodwin from England. The remains of the rest of the Goodwins family have never been recovered.


Tour #2 – Highlights of Halifax and Peggy’s Cove Tour

This is the most popular Tour in Nova Scotia. Our tour usually takes 5-6 hours depending on the length ‎of time spent at various stops. Your driver/tour guide will show you all the Highlights of Halifax, stopping when and where our guests prefer for pictures, while telling you about Halifax and it’s History.

Your stops can include Immigration Museum at Pier 21, Historic Victorian and Georgian  Homes in the South End Of Halifax, Point Pleasant Park,  and a stroll through the Halifax Public Gardens. From there you can visit Halifax’s Citadel Hill, Fleming Park, War of 1812, Halifax Explosion, and Titanic Burial Site.

We then travel towards Peggy’s Cove, stopping at Acadian Maple Products‎, for some samples of maple candy, cookies, and brittle. You can also taste samples of various grades of maple syrup, and maple wine. They also male a maple vodka, but no samples are available.

Browse the gift shop helpful friendly staff will answer all your questions  and learn how maple sugar is made. Clean washrooms are in the back of the gift shop, for your use as well.

The Finer Diner in Hacketts Cove

The Finer Diner in Hacketts Cove

Rhubarbs Restaurant Peggys Cove

Rhubarbs Restaurant Peggys Cove

Acadia Maple

Acadia Maple


From Acadian Maple Products we proceed towards Peggy’s Cove‎, we will take you out Indian Point Road to see some beautiful Vistas of St Margaret’s Bay and if we are fortunate, see some local wildlife. Afterwards we travel along St Margaret’s Bay, towards Indian Harbor, passing the Peggy’s Cove Museum on the way. We can stop at the Finer Diner, or once in Indian Harbor the Rhubarb Restaurant, or The Finer Diner for lunch if your hungry.

Then on to Peggy’s Cove!

Peggy’s Cove

Tour the famous Peggy's Cover in Nova Scotia

( Guests that bring their Passports with them can have them stamped with the Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse at The Souwester Gift Shop in Peggy’s Cove )

The Village of Peggy’s Cove was founded in 1811 when the Province issued a land grant of more than 800 acres to six families of German decent. The settlers relied on fishing as the mainstay of their economy and farmed where the land was fertile enough, using the surrounding lands to pasture cattle. By the early 1900’s the population peaked at 300 people, but with the collapse of the fishing industry the population today is 62 people, mostly fisherman and their families.

‎This small, quaint fishing village is a picture perfect stop for tourists. The Cove itself is still busy with local fisherman hard at work getting ready for fishing, bringing in their catch, or repairing their fishing gear, lobster traps, and boats. Although busy they are friendly and enjoy answering questions or simply passing the time chatting with visitors. There is plenty to see with several gift shops, photo hut, and the DeGarth rock sculpture and art gallery.

Peggy’s Cove has a classic red-and-white lighthouse with an automated light still maintained‎ by the Canadian Government. The lighthouse is situated on an extensive granite out crop at Peggy’s. Point, immediately south of the village and it’s cove.Visitors can explore the granite out crop around the lighthouse, but they need to use cation near the water. Despite the warning signs posted about wet slippery rocks and unpredictable surf, visitors have  slipped on the dark wet rocks or have been swept off the rocks by waves, sometimes drowning.  Please be careful on the rocks.

On our way back to Halifax we will travel through the Village of West Dover, Communities of ‎Bayside, Shad Bay, Prospect Bay, White’s Lake and Hatchet Lake. Once back in Halifax, if time allows, we will see some more of the Highlights of Halifax on the way to your Cruise Ship.


Take a tour on the Bluenose in Lunenburg Nova Scotia

This tour is 6-7 hours. You travel from Halifax to Exit #11 off Highway #103, passing through Blockhouse on our way to Lunenburg. The trip there is about an hour and ten minutes. Once we arrive. Our tour starts with a magnificent view of Old Town Lunenburg, across the harbor from the golf course. If you did not see it, here is great article from National Geographic Traveler magazine from June 2013, a picture of Lunenburg was on the cover!

Did you know that Lunenburg is an UNESCO (UN) World Heritage Designated Site. It is home to the famous Bluenose Schooner, which is on the back of our 10 cent coin, and her Captain, Angus Walters who together, with a well trained crew, won many fishing schooner races in her day. The Nova Scotia Fisheries Museum tells the complete story of Lunenburg’s fishing history, from the glory days in the age of sail until now.

Your Driver/Tour Guide will tell you story’s about Camp Norway and the section of the Berlin Wall. You can visit the Fisheries Museum and stroll the waterfront and the Old Town as well. Lunenburg has a number of Churches such as St John‘s Church dating back to 1753. Old Town Lunenburg is recognized for its architecture and planning all over the world. The best British colonial town planning in North America. There are wonderful art galleries, small shops of various kinds and folk art, in fact they have folk art festival every year. There are several Memorials to see, and an operating Blacksmiths shop with a micro rum distillery, producing some great tasting products, and the Lunenburg Academy is a must see, it was here that students flying drones in the area discovered the foundation of the original British Fort.

The Stretch Diner

The Stretch Diner

Island View Resturant

Island View Restaurant

Dockside Restaurant

Dockside Restaurant


The community of Blue Rocks is just down the road from Lunenburg. For many years a small fishing village, then in the 1940’s it was discovered by artists and photographers. Today it still remains a fishing village, as you drive around the area you will see why it is so popular with tourists. From Blue Rocks we travel around Second Peninsula towards Mahone Bay.

Founded in 1754 and settled by mostly German people, Mahone Bay residents over the years included Pirates, Privateers, Military Captains, and Rum Runners, to name a few. For the past few decades, tourism and small business has been the mainstay of the town. Famous for its three churches, plenty of activities for young and old, a harbor full of pleasure craft, and lots of unique shops. Stop, enjoy the fresh air and take a stroll.

From Mahone Bay we travel through some small communities, and pass by Oak Island, believed by many to have a treasure buried there. Since 1795 treasure seekers from near and far have tried and failed to find anything of value. Six men have lost their lives searching, and the story told is that a seventh man will die before the treasure is found.

The town of Chester is your next stop. A charming town founded in 1759, has an interesting history and some beautiful homes and waterfront. Your driver/tour guide will show you around and as you drive through the town you will see why it is not only a nice place to visit, but why it has become a retirement community for many people.

The Aspotogan Peninsula separates Mahone Bay from St. Margarets Bay. There are spectacular water views, beeches, and fishing communities throughout for you to see. You will have plenty of chances to stop for pictures and stroll the beaches if you wish. We proceed through, the communities of Hubbards and Queensland, where one of our finest beaches in this area, is located. As we travel along the Head of St. Margarets Bay towards Halifax, stops in the city are possible.

Once in Halifax, as long as time permits, your driver/tour guide can take you to your choice of The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Alexander Keiths Brewery, or the Museum of Natural History. The Maritime Museum is less than 10 minute walk along the Harbour Boardwalk to the new Seaport Farmers Market and Pier 21 is almost next door.


Lunenburg Chester Mahone Bay Tour

Lunenburg + Chester + Mahone Bay Tour Price

$60 Per hour per vehicle (6 Passenger Van) – Best Value!

$65 Per hour per vehicle (3 Passenger Sedan)

$75 Per hour per vehicle (7 Passenger SUV)

$95 Per hour per vehicle (8 Passenger Stretch Limo)

Included: Lunenburg, Chester, Mahone Bay (Minimum 6 hrs)


Tour #4 – Grand Pre, Minas Basin, Halls Harbor and Bay of Fundy

Grand Pre Fundy Tides Nova Scotia

This tour is a 6-7 hour tour of the Minas Basin and the Bay of Fundy. Please remember that this is your tour and you can stop when and where you wish. We endeavor to show you as much as possible in the time allowed, but due to Cruise Ship departure times you may not see everything listed in the following. Our Company policy is to have our guests back at your pier one hour before you ship leaves. The drive to this area of our Province takes about one hour from your cruise ship and about one hour and twenty minutes to return to your cruise ship.

We include in this tour Grand Pre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where in 1755 the Acadians were expelled from the Province by the British. Visit the Deportation Cross site where the ships waited for the Acadians, many of those deported would never return to their homes. From the View Park on Old Post Road you can gaze over the 1,300 hectares of farm fields, marshes and dyke lands that comprise the landscape of Grand Pre. Tour the Grand Pre Interpretation Center, see and learn the history, beginning with a state of the art cinematic display in the hull of a Deportation Ship.

Throughout the modern building l’Acadie is illuminated with intricate models, regional artwork, interpretive displays and unearthed artifacts. See some of the earliest examples of the use of European technology in Nova Scotia and discover what became of these extraordinary people, who built dykes that turned salt marshes into rich farmland. Enter the picturesque garden grounds, see the French Willows, Old Well, Victorian Gardens, Blacksmith Shop. and Herbin Cross. Then visit the legendary Statue of Evangeline made famous by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem. Finish your visit with the Memorial Church, where famous paintings from Claude Picard and a stained glass masterpiece by Terry Smith-Lamothe celebrates the culture and courage of the Acadians.

Before we leave the area, a shore drive away is Evangeline Beach with a stunning view of Blomidon Ridge. Take a walk at low tide or go for a swim at high tide. Watch the highest tide in the world, up to fifty four feet, and see amazing birds like plovers and eagles. After the beach we can stop for lunch at the Evangeline Café, or at Grand Pre Winery for some wine tasting, a possible tour of the vineyards depending on timing and/or lunch at their restaurant.

Evangeline Inn Cafe Motel

Evangeline Inn Cafe

Halls Harbour Lobster Pound

Halls Harbour Lobster Pound

Le Caveau Restaurant

Le Caveau Restaurant


We travel through the Town of Wolfville, which is situated in the North Western portion of Nova Scotia, along the shores of the Minas Basin which is part of the Bay of Fundy, and is the home of Acadia University. The Town is separated from the Minas Basin by agricultural dykes which were built by Acadians in the 17th century. Wolfville experiences the Bay of Fundy’s record setting tides each day as water fills and drains from the Wolfville Harbour, which is the world’s smallest harbour.

From Wolfville we make our way along the Minas Basin, stopping if you wish at Fox Hill Farm, a sixth generation family farm nestled in the lush fields of Port Williams Nova Scotia, is home to Fox Hill Cheese House. They plant the seed, grow the grass, milk their Holstein and Jersey cows, and use the finest, freshest quality milk in their own processing facility. Fox Hill Cheese House produces many varieties of savoury cheese, natural yogurt, luscious gelato, and pasteurized non-homogenized milk in glass bottles.

We travel across the Wellington Dyke to Kingsport Beach, which is across the Minas Basin from Evangeline Beech. Then we travel up the North Mountain to enjoy the view from the Look Off where you can see for a hundred miles on a clear day. From the Look Off we travel to Halls Harbor for a closer look at Bay of Fundy, home to the highest tides in the world. Here you can enjoy a fresh lobster lunch on the wharf next to the Bay of Fundy. All tours have full narrative and many stops for any photographs you wish to take, plus any additional requests you might have if time allows.



Grand Pre Valley High Tides Tour Nova Scotia

Grand Pre + Valley + Wine Tour + High Tides Tour Price

$60 Per hour per vehicle (6 Passenger Van) – Best Value!

$65 Per hour per vehicle (3 Passenger Sedan)

$75 Per hour per vehicle (7 Passenger SUV)

$95 Per hour per vehicle (8 Passenger Stretch Limo)

Included: Grand Pre, Valley, Wine Tour, High Tides (Minimum 6 hrs)


Tour #5 – Aspotogan Peninsula, St Margret’s Bay, Peggy’s Cove

(Coast Line Drive)

Polly Cove Tour Nova Scotia

This Coast Line Drive, as we like to call it, boasts stunning landscapes for those Nature lovers out there. The tour winds its way along this part of Nova Scotia’s coast taking in dozens of coves, beaches and fishing villages in and around St. Margarets Bay. You are welcome to stop as often as you wish for photos or to walk along the shoreline and/or beaches.

The tour starts at exit 7 in East River and winds along the coastal road back to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Route 329 circles the peninsula along the coast while Trunk 3 and Highway 103 pass to the north. The coast of the Aspotogan Peninsula is dotted with a number of small communities; East River. Deep Cove, Upper Blandford, Blandford. New Harbour, Bayswater, Aspotogan, Southwest Cove, Northwest Cove, The Lodge, Birchy Head, Mill Cove, Fox Point, and the largest community in the area, Hubbards.

The Aspotogan Peninsula is in the eastern part of Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, separating St. Margarets Bay in the east from Mahone Bay in the west. The peninsula was originally settled by second generation French immigrants on the east (St. Margarets Bay) side and by second generation German immigrants on the west (Mahone Bay) side. Traditionally fishing was a major industry for communities throughout the peninsula, however other primary industries such as farming and forestry were historically important as well. Shipping and shipbuilding were secondary and tertiary industries that also came into prominence during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

From Hubbards we pass Queensland Beach and travel along the Head of St. Margarets Bay, turning towards Peggy’s Cove in Upper Tantallon, and stopping at the Acadian Maple Products outlet, where maple sugar products are made on site. Free samples of maple sugar candy, maple sugar cookies, maple sugar brittle, and you can taste test the different grades of the maple sugar, light, medium, amber and dark. Browse the gift shop, have your questions answered about the products by friendly helpful staff, and learn the history of how Maple Sugar is made. Clean washrooms are on site for your use as well.

Proceeding on towards Peggy’s Cove, we will take you out Indian Point Road to see some beautiful vistas of St. Margarets Bay and if we are fortunate, see some local wildlife. Your driver/tour guide would be only too glad to stop at the Peggy’s Cove Museum, where local artist, author and painter, Ivan Fraser will give you a tour. Afterwards we will travel to Indian Harbour if you are interested in a lobster, mussels or oyster lunch, Ryer Retail Lobster pound is a casual picnic bench venue on a deck, close by is fisherman’s wharf with the sea coast ten feet away.

Lobster right out of ocean to your plate or choose from several other restaurants with shell fish and seafood dishes, chowders, soups, and other North American dishes. From diners, to upscale licensed restaurants, the food is always fresh, and tastes great. Your driver\tour guide can provide a menu for the restaurants in the local area, and make a reservation at most of them for you if you wish.

After lunch, the village of Peggy’s Cove is next. If you remembered to bring your passport with you, you can have it stamped with the Peggy’s Cove Light House postage stamp at the Sou’Wester Gift Shop, on the second floor. With a year round population of just 62 people, this small, quaint fishing village is a picture perfect stop. Tour the Iconic lighthouse, coastline, shops and rock sculpture done by well known artist and painter, DeGarthe. See fishing boats, shacks and meet the local fishermen.

Be careful on the wet dark rocks, they are very slippery and more than one person has fallen into the ocean. There is a strong under tow and many people have lost their lives, despite the many warning signs. After your tour of Peggy’s Cove we will travel back to Halifax through some small fishing village’s coves and bays.

Once in Halifax, as long as time permits, your driver/tour guide can take you to Citadel Hill, an 18th century fortress, The Halifax Public Gardens, one of the oldest Victorian  style garden in North America, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. You might have time for an Alexander Keiths Brewery tour, or the Museum of Natural History, and the Maritime Museum on Lower Water Street is less than 10 minute walk along the Harbour Boardwalk to the new Seaport Farmers Market, a microbrewery, and Pier 21, Canada’s Immigration Centre from 1928 until 1961. Close by is the cruise ship pier where your ship is docked.


Nova Scotia Coastline Drive along the South Shore

Coast Line Drive Price

$60 Per hour per vehicle (6 Passenger Van) – Best Value!

$65 Per hour per vehicle (3 Passenger Sedan)

$75 Per hour per vehicle (7 Passenger SUV)

$95 Per hour per vehicle (8 Passenger Stretch Limo)

Included: St Margaret’s Bay, Peggy`s Cove (Minimum 6 hrs)


Tour #6 – Annapolis Valley Wine Tour

Annapolis Valley Wine Tour NS

This tour is a full seven hour tour, and is designed for wine connoisseurs who enjoy the taste of award winning wines. Each of the wineries selected to visit have wines all produced locally, please take the time to view each one for the awards won, and the wines offered. Four of the five wineries are not on the tour bus routes and the one that is, offers a wonderful dining, wine tasting and vineyard tour experience. In addition to the wineries, we can also make stops at any of the spots offered in our Grand Pre, Minas Basin, Halls Harbor and Bay of Fundy Tour if time allows.

The trip to the first selected winery is about forty minutes from Halifax, during which time your driver/tour guide can give you a history of this area of the Province you are traveling through, and/or answer any questions you may have. Please remember that the number of wineries we can visit depends on how much time is spent at each location. For those of you traveling on a Cruise Ship, this means that we have to allow enough time to get you back to your ship, at least one hour before it sails from Halifax.


Avondale Sky Winery

avondale sky wineryAvondale Sky Winery named top winery in Atlantic Canada for 2015 – Atlantic Canadian Wine Awards. At our vineyard and restaurant, we offer wine, food and service creating unforgettable experiences. Guests of the winery can taste through the award winning wine portfolio, have a tour of the vineyard and join us on our tranquil patio overlooking the vines or inside for lunch at D’Vine Morsels winery restaurant.

Seasonally, the restaurant is open daily offering a full lunch menu with rotating chef selections changing frequently, using local ingredients. The restaurant and tasting room are available for private event bookings and dinners.



Sainte Famille Wines

sainte famille winesSituated on a gently sloping hill, overlooking the Avon River Valley, Sainte- Famille Wines has one of the warmest vineyard sites in Nova Scotia. The result is rich full bodied reds such as their premium Old Vines Marechal Foch, produced from the oldest vines in Nova Scotia.

The terroir of this unique site has also produced whites of exceptional character such as the 2004 L’Acadie Blanc, which was chosen Best of Appellation. We are proud to showcase truly unique Nova Scotian products in our gift shop and welcome you to experience quality Canadian wines in our friendly, inviting atmosphere.



Domaine De Grand Pre

domaine de grand preAt Domaine de Grand Pré, they work hard to develop unique wines true to our province and unlike any others in the region — growing specialty grapes that are developed for Nova Scotia’s specific climate and landscape.

The result is an array of award-winning vintages.


Le Caveau Restaurant

Le Caveau RestaurantDuring your visit, you can stroll through the lush vineyards, visit the museum and take a peek at the wine cellar, and experience seasonally inspired and locally sourced food while enjoying one of the fine vintages at the award winning Le Caveau Restaurant.

You can also visit the Wine Shop, a magical blend of Nova Scotia and Old World charm, and stay for a wine tasting or just browse through the many wine related gift ideas.




Gaspereau Vineyards

gaspereau vineyardsThe first winery to establish in the valley, Gaspereau Vineyards is situated on the edge of a picturesque, 35-acre vineyard. Best known for outstanding Rieslings, Gaspereau Vineyards specializes in fruit-forward, terroir driven whites, and earthy, robust red wines.

European-trained, Nova Scotian born winemaker Gina Haverstock strives to produce wines that are true to the variety and uniquely Nova Scotian. In the vineyard, cellar and boutique, the Gaspereau team is dedicated to providing guests with a complete and personal Nova Scotian wine experience from grape to glass




Blomidon Estate Winery

blomidon estate wineryThe Blomidon Estate Vineyard is located on the shores of the Minas Basin, near Canning, in the Annapolis Valley. Many of the blocks were planted in 1986, giving us some of the oldest vines in the province. With 18 acres of vines spread over the 25 acre property, the site benefits from its close proximity to the water, as the tides and sea breezes moderate the temperature and help prevent disease.

The Blomidon vineyard is The 2015 Prestige Award Winner Producer of the Year, consistently crafting some of the province’s finest wines making a trip well worth it. Discover our boutique winery, where our seaside setting provides a unique location for viticulture. Visit our wine shop, where our helpful staff will guide you as you taste our 100% Nova Scotia award-winning wines. Enjoy the view relaxing on our sunny patio, sip on a glass of wine and savour the moment with a selection of local cheeses and charcuterie.


signs annapolis valley wine tour

Annapolis Valley Wine Tour Price

$60 Per hour per vehicle (6 Passenger Van) – Best Value!

$65 Per hour per vehicle (3 Passenger Sedan)

$75 Per hour per vehicle (7 Passenger SUV)

$95 Per hour per vehicle (8 Passenger Stretch Limo)

Included: Annapolis Valley Wine Tour (Minimum 6 hrs)



  • Your Needs: Customers should dress for the weather. Please make sure to tell us if you need any of the following items before booking your tour. Baby Seats, Step-ups, Walker, Portable Wheel Chair (must supply own walker or wheel chair).

  • Last Minute Changes: All tours will begin at 8 am unless prior arrangements have been made with the office. All tours can be changed with the driver upon arrival. All group tours or multi-vehicle tours must contact office. Cell phone must be kept on when ship arrives in port in case of early or late arrivals.

  • Cruise Ship Tours: All pickups will be on arrival when passengers are permitted to disembark. Drivers will be at dock sight with your name on a pink sign. If there is a problem, call the office. The tour will only start when the wheels are moving.

  • Questions: If you have any questions before or after making your booking, please contact us – contact@halifaxcruiseshipshoretours.com or phone 1-902-406-6314


*Disclaimer: The purpose of the credit card information is to hold the tour you have ordered for you. If you cancel your tour without 72 hours notice prior to your ship docking in the Port of Halifax, or do not show up for your tour within two hours after people are first allowed off your ship, your credit card will be charged a fee of $150.00 per vehicle ordered. This charge is to pay for the drivers time, associated office and credit card fees. If you wish to pay cash, Canadian dollars are preferred. If you are paying in American dollars, at current rates, a ten percent (10%) exchange rate will be given.


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