Guided Tours of Grand Pre, Minas Basin, Halls Harbor and Bay of Fundy

Private Nova Scotia tour company

If you are coming to Nova Scotia this Summer or Fall and will be looking for a guided tour of Grand Pre, Minas Basin Halls Harbor, or the Bay of Fundy, the Halifax Tour Guys, a private tour company in Halifax NS will be your private tour guides.

This tour of Nova Scotia starts in Halifax and is roughly 6 or 7 hours in length as it passes along Peggy’s Cove, the Minas Basin and down along many areas in the Valley that are right on the Bay of Fundy. The Halifax Tour Guides are the most popular tour company in Nova Scotia and employee the most friendly and knowledgeable tour guides anywhere in the province.

Cruise Ship Pickup

The Halifax Tour Guys will pick you up at your cruise ship when it arrives in the Port of Halifax and head out on your private guided tour of Nova Scotia right away. You can stop at anytime for a meal, a drink, or to use the washroom anytime you wish. Please let us know before you arrive on your cruise ship terminal and we will have a tour guide waiting for you up around Pier 21 / Pier 22 when your ship arrives.

Halifax Airport Pickup

If you arrive at the Halifax Airport, we can pick you up there as well. There are many tours to choose from so make sure you fill out the Nova Scotia tour form a week or two before you arrive in Halifax so we can book you in for a tour of Peggy’s Cove, Historic Halifax, or the Bay of Fundy Tour which again includes stops in Grand Pre, the Minas Basin, and Halls Harbor.

Halifax Hotel Pickup

If you arrive in Halifax by car or train and are staying at a Halifax Hotel, just let us know ahead of time which Halifax tour you wish to take and we will arrange for someone to meet you to start the tour.

If you are staying at a Halifax hotel and are interested in a tour of Historic Halifax, that usually includes stops at the Halifax Citadel, the site of the Halifax Explosion, and the Titanic memorial site. The Halifax Private Tour Guides policy is to have our guests back at your cruise ship about one hour before your ship leaves Halifax.

Please send any tour questions to

Grand Pre Tour

After leaving Halifax, the Halifax Cruise Ship Tour Guys will first take you on the Grand Pre Tour. Grand Pre is a UNESCO World Heritage site where the Acadians were expelled from the Province by the British in 1755.

Part of the Grand Pre private tour winds along the shore drive and takes us to the Evangeline Beach where you will be delighted at the breathtaking beauty of the Blomidon Ridge. You can walk at low tide or go for a short swim at high tide if time permits. This area is right on the Bay of Fundy and has the highest tides in the world! There are so many things to see in this area like plovers and eagles, but don’t venture out to far as the tide rises fast, often as high as 54 feet.

The Grand Pre Winery is next on our tour. Many tourists can’t wait for this part of the tour mostly because of the wine tasting! There are many vineyards that are open for a short walk in the Summer months. Most of the wineries will let you tour the vineyards and taste the many Nova Scotian wines that are popular amongst tourists who visit this region of Canada.

Wolfville & Minas Basin Tour

As we travel on our tour of the Minas Basin through the Town of Wolfville, which is very close to Minas Basin, we can easily see the Bay of Fundy. The Town of Wolfville is separated from the Minas Basin by many agricultural dykes built in the 17th century by the Acadians.

If you happen to be on this tour of Wolfville when the Fundy tides are coming in, you won’t soon forget the experience. A record amount of tidal water fills the Wolfville Harbor each day, in which many local residents have become accustomed to. But it sure is a sight if you are coming here on a private guided tour of the Valley or the Minas Basin.


Halls Harbor Tour

Next on your Grand Pre and Valley Wine Tour we travel to Kingsport Beach, which is just across the Minas Basin and the Evangeline Beech.

Next we travel up North Mountain where we stop at the Look Off, and on a good day you can see far out to sea, often as much as a hundred miles on a clear day.  Next we are off to Halls Harbor, which is right on the Bay of Fundy. Again, this area experiences the highest tides in the world, a real phenomenon to locals and tourists alike.

The Video below shows the highest tides in the world in the Bay of Fundy near Halls Harbour.

Interested in Fresh Lobster? Well you are in luck because fresh lobster is in season and most restaurants in this are have lobster lunch specials on the menu for you to enjoy.

All the Valley tours and Winery tours have a knowledgeable tour guide who is well versed in the History of Nova Scotia. Your Halifax Tour Guide will let you ask questions and take photographs as well.

Grand Pre + Valley + Wine Tour + High Tides Tour Price

$60 Per hour per vehicle (6 Passenger Van) – Best Value!

$65 Per hour per vehicle (3 Passenger Sedan)

$75 Per hour per vehicle (7 Passenger SUV)

$95 Per hour per vehicle (8 Passenger Stretch Limo)

Included: Grand Pre, Valley, Wine Tour, High Tides (Minimum 6 hrs)

Tours of Nova Scotia Run Year Round & Tourists Can Be Picked Up At The Halifax Cruise Ship terminal, Any Halifax Hotel, The Halifax Airport, and The Yarmouth Ferry – and/or call us at 1-902-406-6314 to Book Your Next Tour of Nova Scotia!

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