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If you are visiting Halifax Nova Scotia this summer and want to take a sightseeing tour of the Halifax Explosion, Titanic, or Halifax Citadel areas, Halifax Tour Guys would be only too happy to oblige!

The Halifax Historic City Tour is a roughly a 4 hour tour that can be customized to suit your personal preferences and schedule. The tour begins at Pier 21, which was the gateway to Canada for more than one million immigrants between 1928 and 1971. Pier 21 is referred to as the “Ellis Island of Canada” is The National Museum of Immigration, and may have the history of your family if they entered Canada through Halifax.

The Halifax Historic Tour stops can include Immigration Museum at Pier 21, Historic Victorian and Georgian  Homes in the South End Of Halifax, Point Pleasant Park,  and a stroll through the Halifax Public Gardens. From there you can visit Halifax’s Citadel Hill, Fleming Park, War of 1812, Halifax Explosion, and Titanic Burial Site.

Halifax Citadel (National Historic Site)

The first fort at the Halifax Citadel was built in 1749 when the city was founded. It was part of the western perimeter wall for the town which was protected by a total of five stockaded forts.‎ The current stone built, star-shaped fortress was completed in 1856, following twenty-eight years of construction.

Today you can explore the fortress and see the hourly changing of the guards and the noon firing of the cannon. If you would like to take a private guided tour of the Halifax Citadel then fill out the tour form and Halifax Tour Guys will get back to with the tour itinerary and schedule.

Halifax Explosion

The Halifax Explosion is another great stop on our Historic Halifax Tour! On December 6,1917 at 9:04:35am, the SS Mont-Blanc, a French cargo ship‎ fully loaded with wartime munitions collided with the Norwegian Relief Vessel, SS Imo.

Sparks from the collision started a fire that resulted in the largest man made explosion in the history of the world before the atomic bomb. All buildings and structures covering nearly 500 acres were obliterated, about 2,000 people were killed and 9,000 people were injured.

Titanic Historic Site

A visit to the Titanic Historic site is one of the most popular stops by the Halifax Tour Guys on the Halifax Historic Tour. The White Star ‎luxury liner, RMS Titanic, the largest ship afloat at the time, sank in the North Atlantic on April 15,1912 at 2:20am after colliding with an Iceberg about 375 miles southwest of Newfoundland.

On her maiden voyage from Southampton, England to New York City, USA, carrying 2,224 people of which only 710 people survived. There are 121 victims of the disaster buried in three grave sites in Halifax.

When you are on a tour of Halifax Nova Scotia, don’t forget to visit the Maritime Museum to see Titanic artifacts as well as ‎other items from our long seafaring history, or our military museum with its hundreds of years of battle ships starting from 1749 to modern day. Enjoy a wonderful meal in our many restaurants, stroll our boardwalk along the waterfront and see Historic buildings, shops, and architecture.

Cruise Ship Tours Halifax

If you are coming into the Port of Halifax, NS on a cruise ship, then you will certainly want to arrange a Cruise Ship Tour of Halifax and Peggy’s Cove when you arrive. This is one of the most popular private tours of Halifax by far. Hundreds of people contact Halifax Tour Guys each year to take a tour of the Halifax Historic District and Peggy’s Cove.

If you wish to make a booking for a cruise ship tour of Halifax and Peggy’s Cove then the place to start is to fill out the tour form on the Cruise Ship Tour page of this website.

Your driver/tour guide will show you all the Highlights of Halifax, stopping when and where our guests prefer for pictures, while telling you about Halifax and it’s History. As the tour finishes in Halifax and heads towards Peggy’s Cove, there are stops along the way at Acadian Maple Products‎ to sample the maple candy, cookies, and brittle.

You can also taste samples of various grades of maple syrup, and maple wine. They also male a maple vodka, but no samples are available. Browse the gift shop helpful friendly staff will answer all your questions  and learn how maple sugar is made. Clean washrooms are in the back of the gift shop, for your use as well. Before we leave, if you would like to reserve a table for lunch at a diner or restaurant, your driver/tour guide would be happy to make the arrangements.

Pier 22 Cruise Ship Terminal Map close upWhen you pass through the security turnstiles area in the promenade of Pier 22, you continue on walking straight and down the ramp right outside of the front entrance.

Across the street you will see the large tour buses parked where you will meet your “Halifax Tours Guys” driver to take you on your private tour of Halifax and Peggy’s Cove.

Look for a driver holding a pink sign with your name on it. If for some reason you cannot find us, please ask a security officer, Port of Halifax Official, or call us at the following numbers and tell us where you are. If you cannot find us, we will come find you. Hopefully you will not encounter any problems finding us.

Questions: If you have any questions before or after making your booking, please contact us – or phone 1-902-406-6314

Sightseeing Tour prices do not cover meals, entrance fees to museums, parks, attractions, buggy rides, or boat fees. Driver gratuities are also not in the price structure.

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